Besides for our own hosted sites, we feel a need to link to these:

Dreamhost - This is the company hosting our webspace and providing DNS registering services. After a ton of trouble with (check out for more information on how bad that hosting company is) we are extremely happy with them. We just hope that we don't go over our 20 GB bandwidth limit!

Dreambook - This is our guestbook service.

EditPad - This is a notepad replacement. This editor has amazingly good search and replace functions and allows you to open multiple documents in the same window through a tab system. A very handy tool for people who write websites from scratch like we do.

LiveJournal - This is obvious. We all have journals at LiveJournal. Not only is it a good way of exchanging information and getting your thoughts down on paper, but it helps your parents feel like they know about your life. Thank god for friends lock!

Migoto - This site used to host Kinryouku. We owe them a lot of thanks and appreciation!

SiteMeter - This is the best free web counter we have been able to find. This site features great statistics and good looking counters that are customizable. The only drawback is some pop-ups when you look at your stats, but for the options and the price we feel that this counter is a winner.