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This site is about the japanese manga "Angel Sanctuary." With about 25,000 hits so far, you know something is going right.

Broken Glass
This site is about the japanese anime/manga "Yami no Matsuei."

Valefor - The Name

In case you were wondering, the name of the site comes directly from the name of the first aeon in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X. Aeons in Final Fantasy X are summon creatures that Yuna (A main character in the game) can use. They take the place of your characters during battle until they die. Aeons have their own HP and MP and have their own attacks and overdrives. As stated above, Valefor is the first aeon that you get control of in the game. He is a phoenix-like bird creature that does have the ability to fly.

This site has nothing to do with the band Valefor.